Conference Agenda

Almost in Ottawa


Hi Everyone!

I’m coming from Chicago, so I’m really looking for  a nice break in this especially cold winter.  (Just kidding, of course!)

Anyway,  I am really glad you will be a part of the Advanced Learning Institute’s (A.L.I.)  conference  and look forward to meeting you soon!


I work for a health care organization and I’m hoping for some practical solutions for how social media (web 2.0 technologies) can be implemented to improve client/patient experience.  

I work for an organization that is very fearful and cautious of social media. They had a bad experience with a CEO Blog a few years ago that was shut down as it degraded into unprofessional behaviour/comments. Just recently, the HR department implemented a policy of blocking social networking sites like Facebook.com due to a complaint that some staff had visited the site while at work. 

Can you moderate on-line discussions – capture themes.  Can data be saved and analyzed later?

What tools are out there?

I need an overview of common tools available – free and otherwise.  If free, can you get ones that do not have as much advertising?


I would like a  strategy to bring back what I’ve learned and start the process of planning for more social media integration within my own organization.