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Government 2.0 Best Practices

Government 2.0 Best Practices


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This last question was posed in the Interactive Session. Here’s a question that was asked as a follow-up: How can we blend social media with traditional media?

Part one: What do you need to know
more about to move forward?

Part two: How can you blend social media with traditional media?

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What are some suggestions for dealing with an organization that fears social networking/media and is traditionally resistant to change?

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Mr./Miss Social Media?

Resource-wise, is it recommended to have someone devoted solely to a social media role? 

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Monitoring and Measurement

What tools are organizations using to monitor Social Media?  What has been effective and what has not?

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Budgeting for Social Media

How can our organization incorporate social media tools (costs) as part of budget submissions?

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How can my organization overcome potential privacy issues that may be encountered in using social media tools?

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